Bobby Brader

Film Composer

Meeting filmmakers and discussing new projects is always so fun. If you have a project that needs a composer, I want to write some amazing music for your film!


I orchestrated a small amount of music on “Trolls.” I hope to continue working on big pictures like this one. When the budget allows on smaller films, I love orchestrating my score for small ensembles of musicians.


Since my humble beginning as Drum Major of my high school band, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with many choirs, bands and even large orchestras. Standing on the podium with a baton is one of my favorite places to be!


I’m one of those Classically-trained musicians who learned to respect Mozart but then obsess more with Pop, Rock, Jazz and Improv. Mostly, however, I accompany Musical Theatre.


I teach Piano, Composition, and Music Theory, privately. At the AMDA College & Conservatory I’m a Piano Teacher, Choir Director, Vocal Coach and Musical Director.

What's New With Bobby Brader

Here's what's been happening lately...

In 2016 I worked on a number of projects, including "Trolls," with prolific Hollywood Orchestrator Tim Davies ("Frozen")

2016 also began what I hope to be a long professional relationship with Michael Orland ("American Idol" and "Hairspray Live!") as I've begun to do some Music Preparation for him

Kevin Spirtas ("Days of Our Lives") has had me work with him on some arrangements for several cruise ship performances around the globe this year

Early this year I hit a milestone after delivering the score for my first feature-length film, "Dead List," a Horror/Comedy

In July 2015 I received my Master's Degree in Film Scoring from the Seattle Film Institute, after an intense program with 2-time Emmy award-winning Film Composer Hummie Mann (“Robin Hood: Men in Tights,” “Dracula: Dead and Loving It,” “After The Rain,” “The Simpsons”).

Recalling some of my favorite gigs in the past:

I accompanied and music directed international star Audrey Landers ("A Chorus Line" and "Dallas") in an amazing fund raiser performance at the Sarasota (FL) Players in 2012

I played an Improv show in Tampa, FL with the New York Yankees at their 2012 Team Day event

Recording a Superbowl promotion video in the middle of Raymond James (Bucs) Stadium is still up there on the exciting list *click the "Watch" tab to watch the performance*

  • Film Composer
  • Orchestrator & Conductor
  • Pianist
  • Vocalist

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